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Spread The Word! Media Attention For Gender Discrimination

I had a few extra minutes this morning so before I started writing, I spent some time reading comments about President Obama’s address to the nation concerning the Islamic State terrorist group. I read Obama’s own summary, CNN’s analysis, NPR’s analysis and the BBC’s analysis. I saw reviews and comments on many, many websites in several different countries. I’m sure Tweets happened (though I don’t really know what those are nor how to find them) and facebook messages.

Why do I bring this up on Queer Asterisk? Because I was told by a lawyer last night that “newspapers are dead” and therefore I should not expect any publicity concerning my spouse’s gender discrimination lawsuit.


I agree that newspapers are dead (or dying slowly), but the media is certainly not dead. Obama gave a speech last night on national television, then sent me a “personal” email (does anyone else get those?) recapping his speech.

OK. So I recognize that US involvement in terrorist attacks within Syria and Iraq affect more people than my spouse’s gender discrimination case, but the media attention proves that it exists! And to top it off, the sides of these news articles were FILLED with little headlines (if I can call them that… I’m not sure they deserve the label) of people doing stupid things or wearing clothes that apparently require discussion. I presume that these people are celebrities but I have never heard of any of them. And the “headlines” were ridiculous and banal. Do people really care that someone wore a silk dress to a hollywood restaurant? Or so-and-so’s daughter is taking her new role as actress seriously? They must, because those are the news stories that accompany President Obama’s address to the nation!

So why can ISIL, Johnny Depp’s daughter, and a former Australian Top Model get publicity but a gender discrimination lawsuit cannot?

I suspect it is because most people do not give a hoot about trans* rights.

I suspect it is because issues of social injustice force people to look at their privilege as well as the atrocities that occur every day to those of us who do not live in the heteronormative bubble and we certainly can’t have the heteronormative bubble popped! Why millions of Americans would have to turn their attention to the astonishing number of homicides of trans women!

People would actually have to recognize that violence towards queer* people is still disproportionately large despite marriage equality in a handful of US states (FYI- marriage equality is not safety equality).

People would have to face the fact that being queer* is punishable by death in at least 10 countries. 

I DO NOT ACCEPT THE STATEMENT “NEWSPAPERS ARE DEAD” as a reason why there won’t be any press of a gender discrimination lawsuit. We can do much, much better than that.

Spread the word.